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Established 2002

Good2Go Flyball is based in Regina, SK, Canada and currently practices Sundays, from 12-3 PM, at The Playground Dog Training Center. We are a North American Flyball Association (NAFA) club primarily participating in Region 8 events. Our team consists of a dedicated group of dog owners and flyball enthusiasts with a wide variety of dogs. We train and compete with everything from Border Collies, to a Papillon and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, to Whippets, sport mixes, rescue mutts, and more! Our mission revolves around having a good time while bringing out the best in our dogs and each other through safe, positive training and team management. We are open to receiving new student and teammate inquiries at this time, and do have a limited enrollment Flyball Foundation class on Mondays, from 8:30-10 PM at The Playground.


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JULY 4/5, 2020

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